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Weighted Quick Union

How to imporvements Quick-union?

上一篇中, Quick-Union 演算法中,最後可能因為每個tree長得太高,導致效率變差。

Imporvement 1: weighting

  • 在每次 Union 時,順帶記錄每棵樹的 size (number of objects)

  • 在每次 Union 時,刻意將較小的樹連接到較大的樹下


Data Structure

與 quick-union 一樣,但多追蹤每棵樹的大小 (size of objects for roots)


與 quick-union 一樣



  • 將小的樹往大的樹接
  • 更新 sz[] array


public class QuickUnionUF {
    private int[] id;
    private int[] sz; // size of objects for roots (site indexed)
    // set id of each object to itself (N array access)
    public WeightedQuickFindUF(int N) {
        id = new int[N];
        for (int i = 0; i < N; i++) {
    	    id[i] = i;
        // init sz of every objects
        sz = new int[N];
        for (int i = 0; i < N; i++) {
            sz[i] = 1;
    public int root(int i) {
		while (i != id[i] ) {
            i = id[i];
        return i;
    public boolean connected(int p, int q) {
        return root[p] == root[q];
    public void union(int p, int q) {
    	int i = root[p];
    	int j = root[q];
        if (i == j) {
        if (sz[i] < sz[j]) {
            id[i] = j;
            sz[j] += sz[i];
        } else {
            id[j] = i;
            sz[i] += sz[j];
    	id[i] = j

Weighted quick-union analysis

Running time.

  • Find: takes time proportional to depth of p and q.
  • Union: takes constant time, given roots.


Depth of any node x is at most lg N (log- base-2 logarithm).


So, when the depth of x increases, the size of its tree at least doubles. So, that’s the key because that means that the size of the tree containing x can double at most log N times because if you start with one and double log N times, you get N and there’s only N nodes in the tree.


  • Maximum height of a tree only increases when 2 trees with same height are merged.

  • You can make maximum logN merges of such trees. (as you will have to keep dividing N with 2 to form i amount of such trees. At the example with N=8 below, you create equally sized trees to merge max 3 times.

  • Therefore, depth of any node x is at most LogN. (due to max height)

假設N是8,每次union後會多一層,每個樹的 objects 數量最多變兩倍,這樣一來對任何一顆樹而言 union 到最後最多只有三層. (log8),因此對有 N個 object 的集合來說,每一顆 node的深度最多就是 logN。可以大幅減少每個 node 的 depth。

Withgted QUNlg NLg N

Can we impove it even further?


概念是:每次在尋找root的時候,將找到的 children node 都連向 root,這樣可以使得最後的樹趨近於平整

public int root(int i) {
    while (i != id[i] ) {
        id[i] = id[id[i]] // one more line of code
        i = id[i];
    return i;


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